Job Announcement: Executive Director Kepler Education Inc.

Dear Kepler Parents/Guardians,

Please share the following job announcement and link with individuals you believe will be a good fit for Kepler. For more information contact

The Board of Directors of Kepler Education Incorporated, on behalf of Kepler Neighborhood School, seeks qualified applicants to fill the position of Executive Director of Kepler Education Incorporated. The Executive Director, the academic leader of the School, spearheads the development of the school’s curriculum and culture. He or she is responsible for ensuring that Kepler Neighborhood School is accomplishing its mission and vision through leadership of faculty, staff and volunteers and through consultation and coordination with the Board of Directors of Kepler Education Incorporated. With the support of the Board, the Executive Director also designs and oversees the budget and all fiscal procedures.

The Executive Director must have strong leadership abilities and an educational vision that is consistent with the school’s charter. As such, the Executive Director leads teachers and staff in the development and on-going improvement of the academic program, guides teachers in the implementation of school wide best practices, discipline-specific curricula and assessments, and school culture, and also trains, supervises, and evaluates all staff and teachers, and recommends all hiring decisions to the Board for final approval.

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