Margaret Ameel, Ph.D (



Site Director                                                                                                                                                                       

Julie Rodriguez (




Ms. Tovar

Christina Tovar (



Board Members




First Grade –

First Grade

Second Grade – Ms. Tiffanie Drury (

Ms. Drury








Second Grade – Mrs. Wendi Norvell (                                                                                               Ms. Norvell








Third Grade

Third Grade – Ms. Krista Tsutsui (                                                                         Ms. Tsutsui







Fourth Grade – Ms. Lorilee Robinson (

Ms. Robinson

Fourth Grade –


Fifth Grade – Ms. Katie Shorey (

Ms. Shorey


Fifth Grade


MS (Middle School) Grade 6 –


(Middle School)

MS (Middle School) Grade 7 – Mr. Jay Nevin (

Mr. Nevin


MS Grade 7 – Mr. Davian Figueroa (                                                                 Mr. Figueroa








MS Grade 8 –


MS Grade 8 –


MS Science Grades 6-7 – Mrs. Anna Cordes (                                                       Ms. Cordes








MS Science


Librarian – Mrs. Sarah Addison (                                                                 Mrs. Addison

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  1. Josephine Ruacho Duran says:

    Does Kepler have any open positions for para educators? Do they hire through the school or through another agency? I have been a paraeducator for 38 years and am interested in working possibly for your company period I would like more information. If you could call me my name is Josephine Ruacho Duran. My number is 559- 477- 8517. This summer will be my first summer of 38 years that I have not worked summer school at my site. So I thought possibly a part-time position at your school for the summer would be ideal for the both of us. Please contact me. I am very interested. Sincerely, Josephine Ruacho Duran.

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