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  1. cynthia Portillo says:


    I was wondering what the age limit is for kindergarten? Do you have a Pre-K or Preschool as well?

  2. Sadie Novelli says:

    Hello, my name is Sadie and I was looking for some info about your school. I have 3 children ages 10, 9 and 7 grades 5th, 3rd and 2nd and I am interesting in possibly enrolling them in a school that will benefit them more academically than their regular public school. If you could please email me or call me at 559 826 7372 to further discuss our options I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  3. Abigail Vasquez says:

    T-k school hours?

  4. Alejandra Vega says:

    Records Request for following student that is now enrolled at Hamilton K-8 School in FUSD. Please mail a copy of all attendance, scholastic, health, psychological, Special Ed (if any), and discipline records to us. (ED Code #49068)

    Ava Ruby Jones – DOB 09/09/06 — 7th Grader

    Please send COPY of Original Cumulative File. Out of District Cumulative Records are destroyed at end of the school year.

    Hamilton K-8 School
    102 East Clinton Avenue
    Fresno CA 93704

    Phone: 559-248-7370
    FAX: 559-248-7371

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