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  1. Heather Duncan says:

    Hi my son just turned five July 29 and was put into kindergarten at John Muir elementary school. He has ADHD and is really having a hard time. The school does not seem to be working with him or seem to have any experience with ADHD children and it’s also a really long day for him. it’s 5 1/2 hours. He was on the waiting list to Headstart but never got in so this is a big shock and change for him and they’re just really not empathizing with him whatsoever. I’ve heard really good things about your school and how you guys work with children with challenging behaviors. I know your school is closing at the end of this year but I was wondering what I would need to do to get him enrolled in your kindergarten program if even possible. If you could email me back or call me at15593920401 and let me know if there a possibility of him going there I would really appreciate it. It just breaks my heart to see him struggle so much and not like school.

  2. Brian Ingram says:

    Good Morning,

    My name is Brian with Fresno FC and we have a match Wednesday September 5th, 7:00 PM, at Chukchansi Park.

    We would like to invite out some of your students to participate in our Dream Kids pregame experience as well as invite your staff to come out to the game.

    We will get you guys complimentary tickets for the match and I can also send out more information on the Dream Kids to you as well.

    Would your staff and students be interested in this match tomorrow?

    My cell # is: (949) 547-2177

  3. Brandon Mendes says:

    Hello, School Staff, my name is Brandon Mendes, I am the owner of 559 Virtual Reality Game Truck from Visalia, CA and wanted to see if we can show you our Virtual Reality Game Truck that we service school events. Would be great to use it as an incentive, reward, fundraiser, or any school events. Maybe we can work something out in the near future.

    Thank you very much!
    Brandon Mendes
    Contact us at
    (559) 467-9109 or (559) 656-2110
    School Fundraisers
    Attendance reward incentive
    Grade improvement incentive
    PTA Functions
    After School Programs
    Club sign ups
    Special Events
    Some of Our Clients Include:
    Over 1000 Schools since 2012
    Over 300 church events since 2014
    Boys & Girls Club
    Kinder Care
    Major Cal State Universities
    Tech clubs
    Work Development Programs
    County Events
    City Events
    WSS- Shoes
    Sports Arenas
    Military events
    Local Fairs

  4. John Kalmbach says:


    My wife Leslie emailed both Mr. Cochran (Georgie’s teacher), and Mr. Yeager last week about some concerns with Georgie and math. She has still not received a reply. Can you please follow up with them to confirm they received her email, and when she may expect a reply.

    Thank you,

    John Kalmbach

  5. Billy Green says:

    I just read about the boys’ volleyball team and the potential suicide on the bridge. Great job, guys. I’m sure your schl and families are proud!
    Bill Green
    NCSBI Retired

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