• Kepler Is Different

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  • Science & Learning Labs

    All grade levels learn through hands-on labs and workshops

  • Signature Courses

    Innovative and creative courses designed to achieve above‐standard outcomes

  • Service-Learning

    Curriculum-relevant learning through active community involvement

Kepler Neighborhood School exists to inspire K-­‐8 students to find passion and joy in learning and to become ethical, caring, effective, innovative members of their community and informed world citizens who develop and leverage their strengths to achieve educational, personal, civic, and career goals.

Service-Learning is the heart of Kepler's program. Studies show that students involved in S-L have improved academic grades and increased higher-order thinking skills. S-L is where classroom learning goes public! S-L differs from traditional community service because S-L takes place within the context of academic study and provides equal benefit to both the learner and to the individual, group or organization being served. Students use their unique gifts and knowledge to make a difference in their community.

Kepler is committed to being the right school for your family. We believe that strong families are at the heart of success. As such, we provide a number of venues for families to share in decision-­‐making and to be involved in the life of the school.

Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve

Our Board of Directors
A list of our current board of directors — email the board at knsboard@keplerschool.org

Dr. Timothy Yeager Chair
Mrs. Coreen Campos Vice Chair
Dr. Jim Mullooly Secretary
Barbra Fiske Member
Dr. Nathan Carson Member
Jessica Mast-Foss Member
Christina Soto Member