Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve

Immersive K-5 Learning

Kepler Neighborhood School students jump right into education learning valuable life lessons from the beginning

Middle Schoolers Rock

Our Middle School students explore careers and build lifelong healthy habits through music, art and individual sports

  • K-5: Signature Courses

    At Kepler each grade level has a unique curriculum focus that introduces a real world concept or career to our students

  • Kindergarten: Who's My Neighbor?

    Exploring community and individual responsibility through neighbors and neighborhoods

  • 1st Grade: Around the World in 180 Days

    We share the language, food and customs of other cultures from around the globe

  • 2nd Grade: Mouse Trap

    Second graders are introduced to physics and mechanical processes by creating their very own Rube Goldberg machines

  • 3rd Grade: Current-C

    Students explore economics, finance and budgeting through entrepreneurship activities

  • 4th Grade: Learning to Survive

    Based on Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet," we explore outdoor survival and those who've excelled at it throughout history

  • 5th Grade: Cast Iron Chef

    Students learn about the social and practical implications of food — and make tasty treats from around the globe

  • 6th Grade: What Would MacGyver Do?

    Students learn creative solutions to everyday (and not-so-everyday) challenges using problem solving and team work

  • 7th Grade: Nerd Herd

    Students use cutting-edge technology as a way to change how they learn and explore careers in the tech world

  • 8th Grade: City Makeover

    Our 8th graders are challenged to consider how they'd improve their community in ways important to them